Tweet Printing Typewriter. Watch your tweets being typed. Automatic.


Demo Video.

This is what you should see during hours of operation.

3278 tweets printed so far

Read about it in the media:

Toronto Star, Kim Nursall

Printing Services Temporarily Offline!


Feel free to checkout some videos of me typing and the blog posts about me.

Printing Services Provided

  • Input via Twitter, Email (if you need more than 140 characters)
  • Black / Red Ribbon Colour
  • Simple ASCII Images
  • Business / Personal Letters, Custom Greeting Cards
  • Rent Printer for your Event or Promotion. Contact Michael.

Who is running this print shop?

Michael Schwanzer (@mschwanzer) is a strategic thinker who likes to apply his engineering, management and web skills to optimize processes and create new business opportunities.

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